There are different types of rosacea. One of these is ocular rosacea. Most of the individuals experiencing rosacea are those with fair skin and with Caucasian origins. Normally, this skin problem would occur at the age of 30 up to 60 years old. Women would generally have this but men too can have it and the symptoms are even more severe to them. You may wonder about this type of rosacea and what are its symptoms.

This is the type of rosacea that would greatly affect the eyes. The symptoms that it manifests occur in the eye that is why the term has been given. It is actually Rosacea of the eye. There are several symptoms that you will experience once you have this type of rosacea. Below are some of these common symptoms:

You will have sensitivity to the light.

You will experience problems in your vision (blurry)

Your eyes become dry and itchy.

There is burning sensation in your eyes

Your eyelids become swollen and inflamed

When you have these symptoms, you need to check your doctor in order to properly diagnose it. This is because when this becomes severe, you may lose your vision. Definitely you do not want this to happen. Thus, you will certainly find time to visit your ophthalmologist. He can recommend you with different Rosacea treatments such as eye drops but the most common will be antibiotics. You have to follow what your doctor says in order to avoid severe symptoms such as blindness.

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